Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Craft Room

Hi everyone! Today, I thought I'd give you a peek into my "nonprofit enterprise" (a term concocted by my husband). Everything you see in this room was built by my husband, except of course the small white cabinet on the wall which I use for embellishments and some ribbon.
He even built the cabinet for my punches.......I could use 3 more of those!!!!!
He also built the desk and shelving and I simply love the peg board. It's such easy access to my Nesties......I don't have to look through all those CD cases. I didn't have enough hooks though for all of them so I have more hooks on order. That board will be full to capacity.
He built the two large cabinets on either side of the wall for all my "stuff".
I think it's time to quit buying........who am I kidding??????????????
Thanks for visiting my blog. Hugs, Christina


  1. Wowzers! What a great room!

    What a great hubby!

    So.... do you rent him out? ;)

    Love it!

  2. I love it. I am jealous of you. I wish mine were so organized. I have peg boards in mine too. I got more hooks at either Home Depot or Walmart. How much for the hubby?

    Denise from Chicago

  3. Looks like a wonderful and bright place to craft and so wonderfully organized. You should see my craft room UGH! :o) TFS, hugs, Angela

  4. super cute!!!Congratulations on your enterprise!!!Talented hubby!!!

  5. Great room! Love the idea for the Nesties. I have mine on magnetic sheets bound with binder rings, but sometimes they pop off when I flip the pages. Will think about that method for sure! I need to post more picks of my room. I recently re-organized my room, but did not snap pics of all of the angles!

  6. Oh Christina, you have such a clean and organize room. Love the bright window in front your craft table. Looks awesome :o)

  7. Way too neat! Will you come clean mine? I ordered some new organizers and desks and can't wait til they come. My room is a mess!!! Yours looks great :-)

  8. O this looks amaazing!! You are so lucky! can i borrow your hubby for awhile so he can build my craft room?? LOL
    Hugs Leonie

  9. Christina...I love your neat room. I would really like to know what you have your copics in? Please email me with the info!

  10. ohhhh.. Crissy was fuer einen tollen Raum hast du.. soviel Tageslicht!!! Wow und die Regale sind FANTASTISCH.. du kannst dich total ausbreiten und cuttlen und dann wieder an deiner Karte weiterarbeiten. Ich bin hin und weg!
    Wie lieb von dir, dass du meine Bastelarbeiten bei dir im Zimmer hast. Das freut mich besonders.

    Crissy.. ich hab die gleiche Frage wie Pam, worin hast du deine Copics???? das sieht richtig organisiert aus. Ich bin nicht mehr ganz so gluecklich mit meinen kleinen containern.

    oh.. bevor ich es vergesse.. heut ist deine tolle Einladungskarte gekommen.. wowzer.. die sieht total edel aus! ich kann nicht glauben du hast soviel coloriert! Vielen vielen Dank fuer die Einladung. Ich werde mcih auch noch bei Michelle via email bedanken - das ist so lieb von euch!
    Auch die Tim Holtz die ist heute angekommen hahahaa ich bin schon a lucky girl.. die die ist fantastisch. Lass mich wissen wenn ich dir was stanzen kann.

    upsi nun hab ich dir einen roman auf deinen blog geschrieben hahaha

  11. Wow!! Do you rent your hubby out??? I need so many thing made for my room LOL Love your clean, neat, light room.
    I am wondering what you are storing your inks in - upside down? and your Copics? and how did you buy the extra pieces for your paper storage? I bought the same thing but mine only came as 3 large squares - I need to put in the extra pieces so I can divide it up more!
    Hugs, Candy

  12. Wow, I need you to come and help me organize mine!!!
    hugs, Diana

  13. Awesome work area, Christina! So organized! You're lucky to have such a handyman for a hubby! :) Love, love, love the idea for the nesties!!! Thanks for sharing your area with us!

  14. Junge, Junge, Junge, das ist ja einzigartig. Du hast aber wirklich viel Platz. Dazu kommt, das man auch einen Schreiner als Ehemann haben muesste. Mr. C hat wirklich schoene Moebel fuer Dich geschreinert. Ich bin neidisch, das du alles so toll sehen kannst. Und die tollen grossen Ott Lampen, ich habe nur eine kleine. Weisst du ueberhaupt wieviel Copic's Du hast? Christina,it looks absolutely faboulous.

  15. What a wonderful room...look at all your goodies. Great hubby by the way.

  16. Christina, Thank you for sharing your craft room with all of us. I love all the shelving and cabinets that your hubby made for you, especially the one that the MS punches are in. I'm going to show my hubby the punch rack your hubby made for you. LOL!! My hubby does woodworking also, so hopefully he can make me one that is similar...Well, probably two or three to fit all the MS punches that I have collected. LOL!!
    Hugs, Suzan

  17. Christina, this is just awe-inspiring....he has done such a beautiful job on EVERYTHING!!!! I can't believe he is so talented but I happen to know first hand that he is...Og my...just looking at those pictures with ENVY!!!! Hugs...Jacque

  18. very nice room..where did you get the wooden shelf/stairway looking thing? I woudl love to ahve one of those...