Monday, December 26, 2011


I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas.....I'm presently still in the recovery mode.
Most of you know that I work nights, which means I worked all day and all night and did not get any sleep for two days! It was a lot easier when I was younger, so I decided that I would definitely take off next Christmas! I had an early Christmas dinner yesterday and was in my PJs before the guests were out the door...LOL!!!
I feel so much better today.
I thought I'd show you some of the pastries I made. Didn't make any cookies this year. When my kids were still home, I used to bake 45 different kinds of cookies. All the teachers,friends, neighbors, nursing homes, etc. were recipients of my cookies.
Baking is something I really still enjoy doing, but since my husband was diagnosed with diabetes, I don't do much baking any more.
If you took the time to swing by my blog, I thank you very much! Hope you have a wonderful week before the craziness begins! Hugs, Christina


  1. Mhhh... those pastries looks soooo yummy!! And wow.. 45 different cookies.. amazing! Wish you some relaxing time now, hun. And have a wonderful week between the years. I am lucky enough to have some days off now, just have to work a half day tomorrow.
    Big hugs, Karina

  2. O-M-G ... This is just tooo beautiful to eat. God knows how much I love cake. I salute the great chef in you, my friend. thank you Christina, for sharing ... you know this pic would make such a beautiful scrapbook page... I'd love to showcase this.......

  3. Wowww that looks delicious Christina!
    Hugs Kristel

  4. WOW Christina my mouth is watering!!! Oh my favorites Coffee and cake! YUMMY!!!!!! And also picture perfect!!!!! I wish I could sit at that table with you and enjoy all that scrumptious stuff and also your company!!! Here's a hug sent to you! Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  5. Oh My Goodness Christina, They looks so delicious!! And, so beautiful too!! I wish you could send me a piece through cyberspace!!
    Have a wonderful week!! I hope you get the chance to rest before the New Year!!

  6. Ohh it looks fantastic, what a cake, and making 45 different kind of cookies.......

    I wish I could taste your pastery, nam-nam.
    Hugs Sissel

  7. Oh Mann, da h├Ątte ich jetzt aber Apetitt drauf, sieht die lecker aus.


  8. OooOooOH! These look so darn delicious! You are amazing my sweet friend! Look at all the wonderful baking you did for everyone .. I wish I were there to have a spoonful of everything you made! :) I can just taste all the yumminess on my tongue .. mMMmmm mmMMm!

    And LOL about having your PJ's on before the guests left the door .. I don't blame you because they sure ARE comfy! Gotta tell you .. since only my FIL came over for dinner, I STAYED in my pj's the entire time! lolol!!! I didn't even bother changing at ALL! hahah!!!

    Hope you're getting the rest you need. :)

    Much Love,

  9. Awwwwww, so sorry to hear about your Christmas schedule!! Unfortunately I was right there with ya, spending my holidays on the clock!!! Boooo!!!! These pastries look divine!!! Can you teleport me some lol!!! Hope you caught up on your sleep and had a fab new year!!! (i was stuck at work for that too lol!!)
    hugs, stephanne