Saturday, June 28, 2014

More Scenery Cards

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for stopping is truly appreciated. As promised, I'd like to share a tropical scene inspired by Kevin. Hope you like it! At the same time, I also made a scene card with a lighthouse. I love to visit lighthouses and hope to do so in the future. I loved visiting Maine in the past where they have some really neat lighthouses.

I'm not entirely happy with the way this one turned out and when hubby saw the other one, he laughed out loud.....said that is NOT the Aurora Borealis! Hahahahahaha I mentioned artistic license and left it at that!!!!!


  1. Your cards are all lovely Christina. I particularily like the one with the light house, as I have a thing withlighthouses. I have never been to Maine... maybe one day. but along the St Laurence river there are many lighthouses too. Your tropical card makes me think about Hawai, I love love the warm colors. Hugs.

  2. Oh Christina, die sind alle wunderschön geworden. Ich sollte auch mal wieder welche machen. Deine Werke jedenfalls....ich bin hin und weg.


  3. I too am a fan of light houses. Wow all are fabulous! Amazing scenes here! You have been busy stamping these beauties! And.... Your coloring is awesome!
    Hugs, Cathy

  4. Oh wow, they are stunning!! love seeing your wonderful work, you have the most amazing eye for detail!
    Love, Mel. xxx

  5. Mamma mia che spettacolo mia cara Christina...sono dei capolavori...hugs Ada

  6. Hi Chrissy,
    I love both of your cards.
    The tropical one I love the stamp and colors a lot.
    I love how you did the light on the blue card!

  7. They're gorgeous Christina and I love the background colours and scenes you've created! Hugs, Chris.

  8. You're being too hard on yourself - these are both lovely, calming scenes, and I think you did great !!

  9. OMGOSSSSSH Christina!!!!!!! The first one reminds me so much of a Kona Sunset we have on the island I grew up on! I cannot even begin to tell you the feelings I get from looking at that one! It is AMAAAAAAAAZING! The warmth of the colors, the way you've captured these colors .. it's PERFECT! Do you know I used to get sweatshirts airbrushed when I was a teenager with this kind of beautiful background?!!!!! Yes I did!

    And the second one is just as incredible as well! I also love lighthouses too, and the other one DOES look like an aurora borealis! You've created MAGIC! I so love ALL of these!

    Hope you had some sunshine there!

    Much Love,