Saturday, October 13, 2012

Say it with Chocolate

Good morning and a very happy weekend to all! Gosh, I haven't been feeling very inspired lately and my back went out a few days ago simply by taping this lovely lady onto the base of the card...unbelievable!!!! I did, however, manage to finish this birthday treat card for my son.

I purchased 6 bars of assorted chocolate for making Christmas treat cards for friends and I proceeded to hide them from hubby, as he cannot have sweets. Well, I hid them so well that I cannot find them!!!!! Looked everywhere....nothing! He swears that he did not eat them! LOL Soooo, I took one bar from an already finished Christmas card and inserted it into my son's birthday card.

I wanted to make this card sleek and simple, but sexy, and not girlie. Well, I think I kind of defeated that purpose by using pink papers and ribbon. I find it incredibly challenging to make male cards. This beautiful Saturated Canary image is colored with copics and showcased on papers from Glitz's "Pretty in Pink" collection.

Thank you for visiting my humble blog. I truly appreciate your visits. Hugs!


  1. WOW Christina!!!!! She is gorgeous!!!!! I love your treat cards and even if it's pink, with this image, it's still sexy as hell! Hugs, Brigitte

  2. Super cute....I bet your son will Love it!! Love the image and those Chocolates are my Favorite!!


  3. What a cute and sexy treat card, Christina, I love it! I also think you son will love!
    I hope your back is better.. talk to you soon. Hugs.

  4. What a wonderful gift idea Christina and she's perfect for a gift of choccy :). I love your colouring and the colours too. I'm the same as you, I've put my back out and it really does make everything so difficult. Hope yours gets better very soon. Hugs, Chris x

  5. Oh MY Christina! Sounds like you have a chocolate mystery at your house. You made me laugh this morning. Your card is totally gorgeous and I love your story. Esp about the pink paper. What a hoot! Sorry to hear about your back. Hope you have a quick recovery.
    Hugs, Cathy

  6. Oh la la, very sexy....your son will like this for sure! And that's funny about your chocolates, I'm sure they will show up about Easter, LOL. Relax and get you back better.

  7. So beautiful Christina.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  8. Omgosh Sweetheart! I cannot stop cracking up reading about you hiding the sweets and connot find them! LOL!! Sounds just like my hubby .. he puts things away and then totally forgets what he did with them! :( hahahah!!!!

    And your back .. ugh .. you poor dear! :( Sending you lots of get well hugs and wish I was there to help take care of you.

    Now your sexy card .. hubba hubba! She is one heck of a sexy vixen! :) Your son will love this .. even if it's in pink and with a pink ribbon .. oh my word .. I read your post and I giggled so hard! :) You're hilarious! :) Gorgeous card Christina!!! I absolutely LOVE it!

    Big Hugs to You!

  9. Hallo Christina,

    die Verpackung ist echt ein Hingucker geworden, klasse.


  10. Beautiful Card! Lovely coloring. Thanks for all kind worda in my blog.
    Hugs from Sweden

  11. Ooh Christina, cards and chocolate my favourite combination :o)
    Gorgeous card, beautiful image, I'm sure your Son will love it. Hugs Teresa xx

  12. Wow, Christina! Gorgeous coloring! I love the chocolate card, what a great gift idea! I'll have to try to make one of these. Thank you for the inspiration, I love it! hugs, Elizabeth x

  13. OH my gosh, Christina! You're just like ME! hahaha I'm always hiding things from myself. LOL I could play hide & seek all by my lonesome. LOL I hope they turn up before hubby finds them. :)
    Anywho........back to your It is adorable! I love Krista's cute girls. And you've colored her beautifully! Great job!!!
    Huggies ~

  14. Stunning card !!
    Love your beautiful coloring .


  15. Oh sweetie this is adorable and so beautiful, im sure he will love the choclate too big huggies JUNE X

  16. Oh my Christina such elegance!!!!! Love the image and the way you put the chocolate bar in there!!!!!! Wow gorgeous design!!!!!!

  17. Hi Christina, isn't she a sultry sexy image... hehehe, and certainly a gorgeous card. These certainly are a fantastic idea for Christmas.... hope you're having a great week..x

  18. oo-la-la!!! She's gorgeous and your coloring is amazing! I'm the same way about trying to make a masculine card, Christina! You are definitely not alone in that! :) I bet your son adores his card! And isn't it sooo frustrating when you know you have something but can't find it? Happens to me all the time with crafty supplies. I always find it as soon as I don't need it anymore. LOL!
    hugs, Sharon

  19. jammie jammie that is a gorgeous peace off chocolate ! love the Canary stamp !

    hugs Cora