Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tilda with Rudolph

OMG....I had a horrific experience today! My husband and I took our shepherd, Buddy, for a walk. When we approached our neighbor who lives approximately 1/2 mile north of us, I noticed all their hunting dogs out and they were all running towards us (about 12 dogs)!!!!! I knew immediately that this was going to get very BAD. This menacing posse was after my dog and all my husband was able to do is hold on to our dog. I screamed and started kicking my legs in every direction to protect Buddy. I saw the owner come running, but she only managed to get a few dogs away from us, leaving the worst ones for me to fight off! OMG......this was something out of a horror movie. I just screamed and kicked and cried, determined to save my Buddy. Every once in a while, one got to him and I heard him squeal. She finally came back to round up the three that were terrorizing us and managed to get them home. Let me tell you, I cried all the way home. Thank goodness that I decided to go along today because normally I don't walk on the weekends because I'm usually too tired after working all night.

Well, the neighbor called and she was crying too. She felt very bad and wanted to be sure that we are all OK. I checked Buddy out and there was no blood, but he was a little touchy on the back flank.

Not much to say about my is a simple design using the adorable Tilda with Rudolph from the current Christmas collection. She is showcased on Pion Design papers and colored with copics.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it very much. Hugs, Christina


  1. , I'm so happy you and Buddy are OK. I would h OMG ave been terrified, you're so courageous! Great card by the way, love the romantic colours! Hugs, Brigitte

  2. Soooo cute!
    But, oh my, I just read about your experience...that is so awful! That happened once to us but, fortunately, our dogs are small enough that I was able to carry them and a neighbor came running to kick the three dogs off mine. I cannot imagine 12! How frightening! Cuddle your dog for me...I'm glad Buddy seems ok. :(

  3. OMG how frightening. I have a tiny dog and we walk all of the time. She would not have stood a chance. Why in the H**l were they loose?

    Oh your card is adorable!

  4. Your card is beautiful! What a terrifying story... I have three dogs and I would have been doing exactly what you were doing. I am so glad you are all ok.. I hope your week goes much better.


  5. Christina - I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you. I hope your dog is fine. There is a chance that he has a puncture wound from the dogs, so I hope you'll have a vet check him out so there is no infections. I can't imagine how awful that must have been for you.

    Great card - I love the new stamp.
    Hugs to you and Buddy.
    Heidi K

  6. Oh Christina, I am so sorry you had to experience such a horrid moment. I can not imagine how you felt or the thoughts that were running in your head at that point. I'm glad the outcome was positive, still I feel that all involved will be having flashbacks for awhile. I still want to say that this is a beautiful card. Wonderfuly colored, and such a sweet and cute image!

  7. Oh my gosh Christina - that was a nightmare experience. I am so glad no one got hurt and Buddy is okay. I am surprised that you did not get bitten. It is a miracle that you all did not get hurt. That was one pack of dogs .. I must say - you have me shaken up just thinking about it.
    Your card is so sweet Christina and I love that Tilda holding the baby reindeer. Now it doesn't get any sweeter than that!

  8. Ohhh no Christina, I can understand this was a terrible thing to see, I am so glad you and your doggie are alright and nothing serious happened !!
    Your card is as usual gorgeous, lovely image !!

    Big hugs Astrid xxxx

  9. omg....big hugs to you!! What a terrifying thing to glad you are all okay. Your card is beautiful! Be careful out there.

  10. Oh Christina, what an ordeal, so glad you are all OK
    Your card is just beautiful, i love this sweet little Tilda
    Hugs Julie P

  11. OMG! I can't think of anything more frightening.
    I am so glad that you and Buddy are okay.
    Your card is so lovely with the soft colouring.
    Love the stamped edges with the holly.
    Hugs Maz

  12. Sweet Christina .. I know I've already told you how horrified I was to hear about this awful experience .. but gosh, to read this again .. I'm like hurting for you all! I'm so sad that you all had to go through this traumatic day. Thank goodness that there was no blood .. sigh .. sending you big hugs Sweetheart.

    Now as for your Tilda .. she is just GORGEOUS! I so love the soft way you've done her up and you placed her on tags!!! Such a delicate card and ohohohoh I love those pink ribbon roses beneath her!!! This is soOoO STUNNING my dear!!

    Sending you and Buddy big Hugs ..

  13. Awww!!! so beautiful! You did it again:)

  14. Chris,
    Your card is delightful.
    I am more concerned about you now that I know your dog is OK.
    Have you been able to get over the shock yet?
    What in the word was the neighbour thinking having those dogs loose?
    What if that happens again?
    Love, Candy xo

  15. Oh my goodness Christina what a terrible ordeal, you must have been terrified and your poor dog too, I'm pleased you are okay. Your card is beautiful, I love this Tilda I've just been colouring her again myself today, your papers are gorgeous too. Take care, hugs Teresa xx

  16. Shes gorgeous. Can't wait to get my stamp. Thanks for sharing you always do a beautiful job. I so much enjoy visiting your blog. :-)

  17. Shes gorgeous. Can't wait to get my stamp. Thanks for sharing you always do a beautiful job. I so much enjoy visiting your blog. :-)

  18. wow, how awful! I am glad you and the dog is ok, boy how stressful. Your card is so soft and sweet and beautiful, complete contrast to the dog walk!
    hugs Kelly

  19. OMG, Christina, what a harrowing experience. I'm sooo...glad you and hubby and Buddy came out okay at the end. Beautiful card you've created. Love this adorable Tilda and little Rudolph.

  20. Hallo Christina,

    ich finde den Stempel auch hinreißend und Du hast eine wundervolle Karte damit gezaubert.


  21. Oh Christina that 's terrible for you and your husbamd and poor buddy,hope everything is oké now with buddy too? Tilda is adorble,so sweet,
    Big hugs Agnesxxx

  22. OMG!!! What an awful experience so glad you are all fine. Your card is very pretty, love the added lace on the bottom.

  23. Christina, you card is adorable. Tilda looks darling holding that reindeer. Lovely die cuts and flowers too.
    So sorry to hear about your horrible experience. People that have that many dogs should have them confined so this doesn't happen. They feed off of each other in a pack and don't stop until they achieve their goal. You and your husband could have been hurt as well. I've had an experience such as this; the the dogs were removed from the owner, they were fined and I ended up getting bit protecting my dog. I'm glad to hear Buddy is ok. Take care...
    Cathy Lee

  24. I am so glad you and Buddy are OK. How scary!! I would have probably panicked. I love your beautiful card, colored so fantastic and designed so well.

  25. What a beautiful card.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  26. Oh Sweetie, bless your heart! Thank goodness you were inspired to go along on the walk. Is Buddy still sensitive on his flank? Is your husband OK? I am so sorry this happened to you. Please think about carrying a nice walking stick with you when you walk. My husband has a nice one he uses when he hikes. It's about 5' tall and not that heavy, but strong. *just a thought*

    Your card is delightful. Tilda is adorable. I love the softness of it. You did a wonderful job!

    Chris Christensen

  27. Awww Christina, this is such a horrible thing for you and your Buddy to experience. It broke my heart reading, and I cannot imagine how terrified you all were. I'm sorry to say, that if that happened here in Australia, those dogs would have been put to sleep. I cannot help but wonder if a child had been walking past, or if you had been on your own... thank goodness you are okay, and so is Buddy. Like Cathy said above, they feed off each other when in a pack, it can get very dangerous.
    On the other hand, your card is stunning, that Tilda is so sweet...the soft colours, the tinsel, the tag ... all just really make it special.
    Thinking of you...x

  28. love your sweet Tilda on a tag Christina! Such pretty pastel coloring and adorable Rudolph!

    Wow... what a scare! Can you use Mace on a dog? How in the world do you take that many dogs hunting... they sound crazy to me! take care!

  29. OMG what a horrible experience you went through!! I'd be scared of 1 dog let along 12!! Nightmares!
    Your card is adorable and I can't wait to ink up this image! Hugs!

  30. How adorable and so full of sweetness!!!! Coloring is fabulous!!!!! Gorgeous card as always!!!!!

  31. OMGoodness, I'm so happy that you are all okay- I don't know what I would have done but I would have been so scared!
    As a plus your card is absolutely adorable :) Hugs, Katie

  32. Oh My Goodness Christina, I'm so glad that you, your hubby and especially Buddy are all okay! I can imagine how scared you must of been... one dog can be scary when it coming after your dog, but all of those dogs...what a nightmare! Your card is so darling! I love how you colored the new Tilda...the soft pink is just beautiful!

  33. Your card is beautiful. I love this stamp.
    So really sorry to hear about your experience with the dogs. How horrific that must of been for you all. I would of been in tears too. So glad Buddy is ok. Hopefully the lady has learnt from this and keeps them refined.
    Debbie x

  34. I'm a little behind and I'm so sorry to see that you had a nite mare experience. Praise the Lord you all are OK!! WOW I'm so thankful that you were not by yourself. Your card is delightful. Love all the precious details that you put together. This stamp is too cute. I haven't had any time to color these new ones. Take care my friend!
    Hugs, Cathy

  35. Hilfe Chrissy!!!
    das must ja absolut schrecklich fuer euch gewesen sein!!!
    Das du so tapfer bist!!!
    Das muss ja wie ein Horrorfilm gewesen. Hast du dich nicht verletzt? Hat sich die Frau bei euch entschuldigt???
    Ist ja verrueckt soviele Hunde sovieso zu halten. We kann man da noch recht auf alle aufpassen. tsss...

    bin froh Buddy scheint soweit in ordnung zu sein.

    Drueck dich!

    Deine Karte ist zuckersuess

  36. OMGOsh Christina!!! What a scary experience!!! I can't image the fear that you felt when you saw that pack of dogs coming at you. Thank the good Lord that He protected you & your dog & hubby. PTL

    Now on to your card/tag......gorgeous! I love it! It is so pretty. Those pretty pink roses were the perfect finishing touch.
    Big ((((HUGS)))) to you ~

  37. OMG Christina....I hope you are ok too Dear, This is so scary I would of dropped dead...Thanks God you are all ok Sending you a (((BIG HUG)))

    Beautiful card...Love the image on the tag....Take care!


  38. Beautiful colored of this new image. How sweet of this card with all the pretty embellshments :o)

  39. OMG Christina!!! It's a wonder everyone made it out there and was only mentally traumatized and not physically harmed. It's a blessing they didn't go after you and your hubby as well. Dogs can be very scary, especially in a pack like that! I'm so glad it turned out the way it did! Big hugs to you, sweetie!!!!
    Your card is beautiful!!
    hugs, Sharon