Saturday, April 13, 2013

More Journal newest obsession!

Happy Saturday everyone! This is my response to the horrible winter weather we are still subjected to!!!! I'm not a fan of tropical climates because I don't like heat and humidity, but I'm starting to come around and actually wishing for it! OMG!!!! Enough of this nasty cold weather!
My journal is becoming a new obsession....I love the freedom to create what I please without artistic restrictions. So much fun!


  1. Love this its just gorgeous and colourful, brilliant work hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love, love, love your water!!! It looks so real! Gorgeous bird and island. Hugs, Brigitte

  3. simply stunning Chrissy!
    love your newest work.

  4. Ciao Dear Christina my american friend...
    wow congratulations to your newest obsession ^--^...
    wonderful are amazing...
    kisses Ada

  5. Wish I could send you a box of warm temperatures, great journal page.

  6. Beautiful. love the colors of summer and your water really looks like it is for real.
    Hugs Sissel

  7. Darn you're good - these two pages are fabulous Christina -- The colors are so vibrant and your scene so beautiful. Your water is absolutely amazing. An island in the sun. WOW!!

  8. Christina these are two wonderful pages, amazing colors and water is just stunning!

  9. Hi Christina! Your pages are really interesting! Gorgeous work! Warm colors and images are fantastic.
    Barbara GR

  10. Beautiful, with a capital 'B'.... love the stalk/crane.... exquisite.
    You wouldn't like the weather here, still high temps, and humidity where everything drips in the mornings... eep, roll on cooler weather. Actually, we have the highest recorded temperatures for this time of the year, ever!

  11. Wow wow wow Sweet Christina! This looks like paradise for sure! You even hit it straight on with the colors of a sunset in Hawaii! And those waves you created??? A-MA-ZING!!! You're a total natural for this .. love the way you interpret things with colors!

    Hope the weather starts improving there soon! :(

    Much Love,

  12. Hei Chrissy,
    vielen Dank.
    Wuensche dir einen tollen Tag

  13. Oh you've found a marvellous new addiction LOL and my goodness your art is fantastic Christina! I agree wholeheartedly with your feelings behind your pages, I feel exactly the same! Absolutely love your art! Hugs Chris.