Saturday, May 4, 2013

Journal Pages.....continued!

Good afternoon and a very happy weekend to everyone! I am continuing my mixed media journal. I am so grateful to my wonderful friend for giving me this journal and inspiring me to start this fun journey. An art journal is so liberating because there is no can do whatever moves you! I love birds and I love butterflies and I love color!

Thank you for visiting my humble blog.....I appreciate each and every one of my visitors. Love and hugs, Christina


  1. Beautiful page, reminds me of spring with the colors and the birds.
    Hugs Sissel

  2. Oh I hear ya, I love color too and this is just so beautiful!!! I adore how you used yellow as a main color because it is so cheerful. I agree, liberating is the right word for mixed media!!! As I have said before your love of nature really shows through on your journal pages and gives us a glimpse of things that are important to you!!! LOVE IT!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  3. Wow Christina, this is a stunning journal. Gorgeous colors and a great combination with the birds and butterflies. Absolutely stunning.

  4. This is so gorgeous Christina.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  5. Love these pages, beautiful colors, images, and texture. They remind me of the I Spy books, full of hidden treasures.
    Have a wonderful week Christina!

  6. OOOh Sweet Christina! You have truly brought out the BEAUTY in mixed media! Absolutely GOR-GEOUS!!! Each and every single creation of your journal makes me want more .. to see what's next .. you are AMAZING! I love seeing the way you put things together, what is in your "eye" at the time you decided to paint each page. I LOVE your journal!!!

    Hope you had a beautiful weekend!

    Much Love,

  7. Gorgeous colors! I love the A on the page. You are polishing up for your She Art canvas! Great artwork here Christina, love the different textures.
    Hugs Kelly

  8. gorgeous colors.
    Ich mag die verschiedenen textures und die Voegel.
    Klasse liebe Chrissy.
    keep going

  9. I will never know why I have to stay so far behind. Love your pages - I tell you - you are a natural at mixed media. I love your pages - I just adore them and I am so proud to be a part of your journey. There is nothing humble about me especially when it comes to what makes you happy!!